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hyperloop transportation technology

Hyperloop Transportation Technology Explained

In 2010 August, world’s largest traffic jam has occurred in Beijing, China clogging thousands of vehicles for 62 miles that lasted for 12 days. Isn’t it horrific? As the population is growing the number of vehicles coming onto the road is growing exponentially. This traffic problem is huge. It’s actually devastating climate through air pollution. […]


Transhumanism – Transhuman Technologies Explained

Imagine if you can see through darkness just like animals. Imagine if you can walk thousands of miles without feeling tired. Imagine if you can access every electronic device without touching. Imagine if you can access all the information on the planet. Imagine you being a superhuman. Welcome to the world of Transhumanism. We are […]

could humans live on mars

Could Humans Live on Mars?

As Stephen Petranek said, if we don’t move we will perish. Global temperatures are rising and it is expected a possible global extinction event can wipe human race on Earth. It’s high time to move to another planet in order to save mankind. So now we are looking to Mars as a backup planet for […]

Could Humans Live Forever

Can Humans Live Forever?

Because we are all mortal beings death is inevitable. Which means we will die some day in future. Here is the tricky question, can humans live forever? No, I’m not talking about mummifying ourselves actually that’s done after death only. I’m talking about living forever with our body just like hyper-sleep or stasis we saw in […]

what if the earth stopped spinning

What If The Earth Stopped Spinning or Stood Still?

Hey Seekers! We all know Earth rotates around itself which makes a day and it revolves around the Sun which makes a Year. So what if suddenly Earth stops spinning or Earth stood still? According to Newton’s law of inertia, an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion continues in motion with the same speed […]