330 Million Hindu Gods

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330 million hindu gods

In Christianity Jesus is God and in Islam Allah is God. But when it comes to Hinduism, everyone has their own God. Starting from 33 main Gods to 330 Million Gods for various occasions or purposes. 330 Million Gods may sound ridiculous but there is a theory behind this. Based on the occasion or purpose there are different Gods to pray. Ganesha for … Read More

Why Pyramids Are Triangular in Shape?

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Why Pyramids are Triangular in Shape?

We all know Pyramids, the Egyptian tombs built to preserve dead bodies (mummies) of the Egyptian rulers or pharaohs. In ancient days people treated Egyptian kings as divine people who were directly appointed by Gods to rule them. In respect to their royalty they were mummified and buried with some treasure after death. Why triangular pyramids? Pyramid is derived from … Read More