Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Who Should I Vote For?

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Update: Donald Trump has won 2016 presidential elections to become 45th USA president.

November 8 2016, United States presidential election date. As Obama is stepping down from his Presidency post, Americans have to choose their 45th President and 48th Vice President.  The two main contestants are Donald Trump of Republican party and Hillary Clinton of Democratic party. Already the 3 presidential debates over. Now you might be thinking, who should I vote for? It’s time to choose your next president. We  will try to put all the facts we know before you, then you decide who you should vote for. We are unbiased and not influenced by anyone.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton


Donald is against illegal immigrants. He wan’t to send all the illegal immigrants out of US and build a wall at Mexican border. Hillary understands the concern of refugees, who allegedly entered USA. She wants to legalize them and create a future for them so that they will eventually contribute to the economy.


Trump wants to introduce 3 slabs tax structure and reduces tax impose on businesses which benefits high income earners. Clinton proposes 8 slabs tax structure and increases tax for people with income >$5 million. Clinton tax plan benefits low-income earners and middle-class people.

International Affairs

Any country has to maintain cordial relations with the rest of the world for smooth business across borders. By giving a statement against Muslims saying all Muslims are terrorists, Donald proved he is against Islam. Obviously he won’t get any further cooperation from Islam countries. On the contrary Hillary is gaining support from all the countries with her strong committed attitude.

Syria and ISIS

Trump says by cutting down financial sources ISIS breaks down. He wants to grab all the oil reserves and make money out of it. Clinton supports deploying armed forces and continue war against ISIS on Syria battle ground.

Global Warming

Donald Trump says global warming is a shit, there is no such thing happening. He believes it slows down US manufacturing sector. Hilary Clinton supports the pledge to cut down carbon emissions by 2050 and controlling carbon emissions below 80%.


Marijuana has it’s medicinal benefits as well as severe side effects, if not taken in limited prescribed dose. Donald Trump doesn’t want to regulate marijuana as he wan’t to get as much income as possible from the drug industry. Hillary Clinton wants to control this drug usage and use it for only medicinal purpose.

Gun Culture

Trump says no additional laws required to control gun rights, instead recommends to fix broken mental health. Clinton want’s to regulate gun rights, background check should be done for selling or buying guns. Clinton also proposed to ban usage of assaulting weapons.


Donald Trump wants to discontinue Obamacare. He wants to make healthcare premiums to be tax deductible and introduces grants to states instead medicaid cost sharing. Hillary Clinton wants to continue Obamacare and strengthen by expanding it’s reach to bring more people into Medicaid. She assures 100% funds to states and tax credit to premiums.

Key Takeaways

As we all tend to attract to negative at first but as the time goes on we tend to see the dark side of that. Similarly Donald Trump managed to gain more followers in his initial campaigns through his outrageous speeches. But slowly his charisma is going down because of his own deeds, two steps forward and ten steps backward. Whereas Hillary Clinton started it steadily and slowly gaining followers through her committed ideology.

Donald Trump’s policies give immediate boost to the economy and create millions of new jobs. But it leads country to bad debts and effects international relations in the long run. Even fortune 500 company CEOs are not supporting him for various reasons. Hillary Clinton’s policies don’t change the economy immediately but yields good results in the long run. The very fact of uplifting middle-class and lower-income people changes the country as a whole.

Donald Trump is a gambler, liquor business owner and into various other businesses. Hillary Clinton is a wife of former US president Bill Clinton and also served as Secretary of State and Senator. So obviously she will have better idea on US president roles and responsibilities.

Now all the facts are before you. It’s time you exercise your voting right wisely to elect the right candidate as 45th USA president. That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed reading this article. We would like to know your opinion on US presidential elections in the below comments box 🙂


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