Hyperloop Transportation Technology Explained

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hyperloop transportation technology

In 2010 August, world’s largest traffic jam has occurred in Beijing, China clogging thousands of vehicles for 62 miles that lasted for 12 days. Isn’t it horrific? As the population is growing the number of vehicles coming onto the road is growing exponentially. This traffic problem is huge. It’s actually devastating climate through air pollution. So is there any solution to these traffic problems and the growing population transportation needs?

Yes, In 2013 tech enthusiast Elon Musk open sourced a high speed transportation system and named it as Hyperloop. From then many individual companies are working on this concept to make it reality. The two major companies working on Hyperloop are Hyperloop transportation technologies and Hyperloop-one.

hyperloop transportation technology

So How Hyperloop Works?

A pod carrying freight or passengers moves in high speed in low pressure capsule or tubes above the surface on pylons or below the surface in tunnels. This pod hovers and rides on a magnetic levitation powered by an electric propulsion motor and controlled by an autonomous software. By creating similar polarities this pod runs away from the energy as we know similar poles repel and applies brakes by creating opposite polarities. There will be a compressor in front of the pod that sends compressed air outside through a channel. We just need to power up where the pod hovering. So we don’t need to power up entire track.Thus Hyperloop consumes less energy. An autonomous software will switch the power in milliseconds. Less resistance makes Hyperloop pod to move at top speed anywhere between 700mph to 1200mph because it neither touches any surface nor hooked to any wire. Hyperloop is completely green, it uses solar, wind, thermal and kinetic energy to support the entire system.

hyperloop transportation

So What Hyperloop Means to Everyone of Us?

Hyperloop changes the entire urbanisation process. Real estate becomes inexpensive because everyone can travel from their native location to job location even if it’s hundreds of miles away. Hyperloop reduced from days to minutes. Because Hyperloop is completely green, it’s environment friendly. Also unlike other modes of transportation which are running in losses and completely relying on government subsidies, Hyperloop is cheap. Because Hyperloop system entirely relies on green energies. The cost of Hyperloop project is 10 times lower than the traditional high speed rail projects. This technology can also create more jobs in high-speed transportation industry. This Hyperloop concept becomes fully operational by 2020 or 21. I am eagerly waiting to experience Hyperloop and I hope you too. So what do you think about hyperloop, is it going to change the way how we commute, let us know in the comments 🙂

Source: Hyperloop One shares its “Vision for India”

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