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Mandela Effect – What You Don’t Know?

Hey Seeker, welcome to Info Recap. Before I jump into the topic I’m gonna show you some pics. Just try to identify the correct one and let me know in the comments section. I will reveal the details as you read through this article.

You remember famous chocolate kitkat right, so which one is the right logo the one with the dash or without it? Take some time but don’t Google it.

kitkat mandela effect

Now, which one is the correct picture of the famous character Pikachu, the one with black tail tip or the later one?

pikachu mandela effect

I hope you guessed the pictures correctly. Now, you might be wondering what is this quiz for? When I showed you kitkat picture some of you think the one with dash is the correct logo and others think kitkat doesn’t have a dash. Here the truth is Kitkat doesn’t have any dash in their branding. But there are some pictures with dash all over the internet.

kitkat logo

Similarly Pikachu doesn’t have a black tail tip, it’s yellow in colour.


But how could some people believe in something which is totally far away from the fact? Because they are going through Mandela Effect. What is this Mandela Effect? Mandela Effect is nothing but a large group of people having a false memory of something which didn’t happen at all.

Mandela Effect is originally named by Fiona Broome in 2010. She is a paranormal consultant who does research on superstitious stuff. During a meet in a green room most of them were discussing that Nelson Mandela died in prison in 1918. But he died on 5th December 2013. So when she came back home and did fact check, she was surprised to know that Mandela was still alive. From then she started doing research on how this memory distortion occurred and quoted Mandela Effect theory.

Nelson Mandela

Here are some famous one liners from Hollywood which millions of people falsely memorize.

  1. Luke, I’m your father from Star Wars. But it’s actually, No I’m your father.
  2. Life is like a box of chocolates from Forrest Gump. But originally it is, Life was like a box of chocolates.

If you search online millions of people falsely memorize these lines. So is this Mandela Effect is an illness? No, you are completely fine. We believe in what we consume. You may read it somewhere or heard from someone but you didn’t do the fact check. That’s the whole point. But scientists say sometimes parallel universes interact creating alternate memories. But there is no proof of that. So finally should we believe in Mandela Effect? Forget about this theory, we all have false memories because we are driven by the data that we consume. I believe in something but the fact is entirely different. Probably next time when you read or hear something you just do the fact check. So have you ever experienced Mandela Effect (false memory)?

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