Neuralink Neural Lace

Neuralink Neural Lace Explained

Hey Seeker, welcome to Info Recap. If you watched the movie The Matrix, Neo masters KungFu just like that by downloading the data from PC using Brain Computer Interface. Also in our transhuman technologies video we talked about installing a chip in humans brain so that we can directly communicate with each other and download the data from a central database or network.

What is Neuralink?

Now, this is going to be a reality soon as Elon Musk announced his company Neuralink. The idea is to inject a neurotechnology into humans brain that forms a mesh and mends with the brain which is called Neural Lace. By connecting our brain to PC we can download any information we want and upload selective data to the database. The goal of this company is to improve cognitive thinking of humans so that we can compete with AI which is going to  be a big threat to the entire human race in near future. In short we will turn into a cyborg.Neuralink Neural Lace

Neuralink idea sounds good, but there are few issues with this kind of neurotechnologies. If everyone is able to access all the information out there especially individuals memories it’s going raise curtains of the privacy issue. Also the big threat comes from hackers, if they can gain access to the brain via network they can control our brains. On the other hand Neuralink’s Neural Lace tech improves logical thinking and memory of individuals. Anyways this is still a scientific fiction. Let us wait few more years to see how Neuralink can help the humanity. So what do you think, can we surpass artificial intelligence with the help of Neuralink?

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