New Year's Resolution Ideas

14 New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Make You A Better Human

New Year's Resolution Ideas

If you are here probably you are searching for some cool New Year’s resolution ideas. Before anything else I wish you all a Happy New Year. Not just one year, I wish you a year long happiness. In this article I will discuss 14 New Year’s Resolution ideas that make you a better human and make you feel good and connected.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

1. Get Up Early

We are driven by our busy schedule. Our days have become like Eat, Work, Sleep, nothing else. Seriously we don’t allocate some time to work up on ourselves. That’s why you should wake up early. There are innumerable benefits of waking up early like you become more productive, your mental health improves, you get some time to do exercise, you get better sleep, you can plan your day ahead and more over you can rejoice the morning quiet hours by staying calm. The ideal time to wake up is 5 AM. Here is the tip set an alarm and keep it far from you in such a way you should walk some distance to turn it off. Obviously when you get off from the bed your laziness is gone. I also wake up early. Trust me, it feels so good. You should try it.

2. Be Early

Since childhood I’m always early to school, college or work place. So here are the advantages of being early. You can avoid busy roads and reach office or school without going through frustrating traffic, you can get started with your work little early and mostly you can enjoy quiet hours.

3. Take A Walk

Many people ask what I should do by waking up early. You can do reading or plan your day or meditate or walk. Of all walking is good. Because it keeps you fit, slow down ageing, improves your creativity and prevents many chronic diseases.

4. Meditate

Because of our hectic schedule we feel stressed by end of the day. Stress is the main reason for various diseases and depression. So meditating especially during early hours makes you stress free, improves your attention span, improves immunity and makes you feel more connected.

5. Turn off Your Phone

Smartphones have occupied majority of our lives. Personal communication is gone, now we are communicating through various communication apps. Have you ever observed what these smartphones are doing to you? It damages your eyes, neck and effects your sleep cycle and personal relations. So I personally recommend you to reduce your smartphone usage. Have direct communication whenever possible. Avoid smartphones when you are with your family or friends, especially in the evenings and don’t just grab smartphone immediately when you are off from the bed.

6. Show Gratitude

Conveying a simple thanks whenever someone helps or serves you can build a positive feeling between both of you which will drive your day happily.

7. Attend Concerts and Art Exhibitions

When we see something magnificent or when we listen to something cool, immediately we feel wow and suddenly our energy levels bumps up. That’s how attending concerts and going to art exhibitions tickles the create side of you.

8. Visit Places

We must admit we all trapped in a concrete jungle. When is the last time you walked into woods or hiked a mountain or gazed at a sea? Create yourself some recreational time and visit new places. Visiting new places makes you feel you good and helps you understand different cultures. When come back after a small tour you will not be the same person.

9. Cook A Recipe

This new year turn yourself into a chef and give yourself new recipes a try. Good food, good health.
10. Control Shopaholic in You
Don’t just waste your money on things you don’t need. Discipline yourself and try to live with the things you already have. You feel like liberated from this material world.

11. Read A Book

As an avid reader I found reading book is a great way to bust the stress. Apart from that books are the greatest source of knowledge and wisdom. This New Year read some books of your interest. Once you start reading you will make it as a habit which is good.

12. Plant Few Saplings

This New Year plant few saplings, at least grow some vegetables on your terrace which you can use to prepare a salad.

13. Give Back

Everyone wants to see our world a better place to live in. But how many of us are really giving back to the society or community around you? I would say a very small group people do this. This New Year give something back to the community, whether it’s a financial support in the form of donation or moral support or volunteering for an NGO or supporting a good cause. Because I feel everyone deserves a better life.

14. Hug!

Instead of greeting orally give your dear one a warm hug. It feels so good and you will get a hug back. There are many benefits of hug like it elevates our mood, reduces stress, improves immunity, good for heart and improves bonding.

Implementing at least few of these New Year’s resolution ideas can make so much difference in your life. They make you feel good and connected. Just give them a try.


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