Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Who Should I Vote For?

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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Update: Donald Trump has won 2016 presidential elections to become 45th USA president. November 8 2016, United States presidential election date. As Obama is stepping down from his Presidency post, Americans have to choose their 45th President and 48th Vice President.  The two main contestants are Donald Trump of Republican party and Hillary Clinton of Democratic party. Already the 3 … Read More

Why Do We Dream?

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why do we dream

Why Do We Dream? Dreams are part of our daily life. But have you ever wondered why do we dream? Dreams are nothing but the combined interpretation of the information collected when we are awake and our sub-conscious desires. We normally dream during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep which may last 5 to 20 mins, 3 to 7 … Read More

What If The Sun Disappeared or There Is No Sun?

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what if the sun disappeared or there is no sun?

Sun is the most important planet in our solar system. Sun keeps us warm, lights up our world and supports life system on the Earth. We are all active during day time because our neural system is more active during mornings and nights are always dull without light. Imagine our world without sun? What if there is no Sun or … Read More

330 Million Hindu Gods

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330 million hindu gods

In Christianity Jesus is God and in Islam Allah is God. But when it comes to Hinduism, everyone has their own God. Starting from 33 main Gods to 330 Million Gods for various occasions or purposes. 330 Million Gods may sound ridiculous but there is a theory behind this. Based on the occasion or purpose there are different Gods to pray. Ganesha for … Read More

How Much Temperature We Can Handle?

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How much temperature we can bear?

Global temperatures are rising because of global warming. This year in India as temperature reached close to 50 °C  (122 °F) thousands of people died due to sunstroke and heat waves. Human body temperature is close to 37 °C (97 °F ) but how much heat we can withstand or what is highest temperature humans can survive? What is the … Read More

How Long We Can Hold Breath Underwater?

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how long we can hold breath underwater?

Hey, if you ask me how long I can hold breath underwater? I would say not more than 40 seconds. But average humans can hold their breath upto 2 minutes. It varies from person to person. Some people can hold breath for longer duration. In 2016 Aleix Segura Vendrell from Spain held his breath for 24 minutes 3 seconds. How … Read More

Why We or Objects Weigh Less in Water?

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why objects or humans weigh less in water buoyant force

Hey, I hope you all observed one common thing when you are in a pool. You feel like floating as if you lost weight. Similarly objects that weigh more normally weigh less in water. Why objects or humans weigh less in water? So here comes density and weight into picture. Mass is always constant where as weight changes based on … Read More