Transhumanism – Transhuman Technologies Explained


Imagine if you can see through darkness just like animals. Imagine if you can walk thousands of miles without feeling tired. Imagine if you can access every electronic device without touching. Imagine if you can access all the information on the planet. Imagine you being a superhuman. Welcome to the world of Transhumanism. We are hyper-connected, super-intelligent and super healthy.

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is nothing but transforming human abilities by using technology to enhance their intellectual, physical and psychological capabilities. There are many complex theories around Transhumanism. We will try to simplify these concepts for ease of understanding. Now let us look into some Transhumanism theories.

mind uploading

Mind Uploading

In mind uploading process we will save a digital copy of our brain and neural schema in a storage drive. We can transfer this copy to any artificial intelligence powered robot so that it will understand and replicate human emotions and also gets consciousness or self-awareness. Also we can copy our memories to others to create multiple versions of the same human. This is called technological singularity or simply singularity. Also we can save and access everyone’s memories from a central database developing collective intelligence. Which means our consciousness everywhere just like what we saw in the movie Transcendence.
This could also help Alzheimer’s patients to record their daily routine and things to remember. So that whenever they forget something, with just push of a button they can recall everything.

gene therapy

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is nothing but replacing a damaged gene of a diseased person with a healthy Gene. This is also called gene mutating. This could help diseased persons to fight inherent or deadly diseases like cancer. This procedure can advance in such a way in future we can live in any weather or have the immunity against deadly diseases. Using genetic engineering we can actually code the genes of a baby when the baby is still in mother’s womb. We can give instructions on how much pain the baby can bear, baby emotions and intelligence. With biology and tech combination we can achieve impossible things even we can stop ageing to live longer.




Cryogenics is a cryonics procedure where we cryopreserve human body for hundreds of years and revive them when the world is technologically advanced. This procedure can be used to preserve humans with no cure diseases and revive them when there is cure for their disease so that they get healed and live longer.

cybernetics or cyborgs

Cybernetics or Cyborgs

Cybernetics is a study of communication between human organs and machines. It helps in replacing damaged human organs with machines that can work in sync with our body. We already have artificial limbs, heart and kidney which can replace bio organs. By installing a small chip in our brain we can directly communicate to others without even uttering a word. Just like we saw in the movie Lucy we can control electronic devices like home appliances, phone, electric car and many more without even touching.

Having said that Transhumanism is future and it’s happening. It’s time to break human limitations and look beyond what it is to be human. If you enjoyed reading our article, please subscribe to our infotainment YouTube channel for informative videos.


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