what if the sun disappeared or there is no sun?

What If The Sun Disappeared or There Is No Sun?

what if the sun disappeared or there is no sun?

Sun is the most important planet in our solar system. Sun keeps us warm, lights up our world and supports life system on the Earth. We are all active during day time because our neural system is more active during mornings and nights are always dull without light. Imagine our world without sun? What if there is no Sun or went out or suddenly disappears?

Firstly, if there is no Sun, there is no solar system at all. No orbits, no Earth and no life.

What if Sun Went Out?

It takes 8 minutes for Sun rays to travel and reach Earth. So when Sun went out, we will experience the impact after 8 minutes. There will be darkness everywhere and moon disappears because it’s not self-illuminating. Of course we could use man created electricity to light up our homes and streets.  Immediately photosynthesis stops and trees stop producing food and releasing life supporting oxygen. We might have food reserves for few years to feed our population and plenty of oxygen already in the atmosphere to breath in. Earth can reserve some heat to keep us warm for few months.

Earth radiation

Within a week our global temperature drops to 0°F which we could survive for few months. As temperature continue to drop, after a year global temperature may reach -100°F. By this time surface of all the oceans’ gets frozen and still some underwater creatures survive for few years. After few thousand years global temperature reach -400°F. Later Earth gets exposed to harsh radiation right from its core resulting global extinction.

What if Sun Suddenly Disappears?

Sun is 109 times bigger in size and weighs 33300 as much as Earth. With it’s mass size and weight, Sun holds all the other planets in their orbits and keeps our solar system as it is now. 7 billion years from now, Sun expands like a red giant star and vaporizes Earth, the other planets and finally falls inward. If Sun suddenly disappears, all the planets moving in the orbits fly away in straight line to infinity and strong winds and natural calamities wipe out life on Earth.

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