What is a Pixel and How PC Understands an Image?

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what is a pixel

what is a pixel

Hey seekers! When we talk about a display, video or image, we are actually talking about quality. Normally we talk in terms of resolution. These days most of us are aware of full HD, 4k, 8k. Just look into this picture, just observe closely,  as we zoom in we can see small tiny square boxes close to each other. All these tiny boxes collectively form an image. This small square box is called pixel. Now, what is a pixel?

What is a Pixel?

PIXEL = Picture+Element, in short a pixel is a small element of a picture. Basically each pixel represents a color which is a combination of red, green and blue. We can create millions of colors with red, green, blue combination. When you closely look at any screen you can observe rgb colors on the screen. Each pixel contains 3 RGB transistors which will be on or off depending on the color. This video is shot in Full HD i.e. 1920×1080 resolution, which means each frame will have 1920*1080 = that is 2 million (2073600) pixels. So as said earlier each pixel will have 3 RGB transistors, so a full HD screen will have 2073600*3 = that is 6 million (6220800) transistors working in background to form a full HD picture that you are seeing right now.

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How PC Understands an Image?

Now we know what is a pixel. But how a computer understands an image? As said each pixel will have RGB colors, each of these RGB range from 0 to 255. If we can convert them into binary codes of 0s and 1s which a computer understands it will be anywhere between 8-bit binary 00000000 to 11111111. For each pixel computer stores 3 8-bit binary codes for RGB and this gets multiplied depending on the resolution of the display or image. I mean the number of pixels in that image. For ease of understanding we can convert these 3 8-bit binary codes into hexadecimal color codes ranging from 000000 to FFFFFF.   These hexadecimal color codes are frequently used by web designers which is an easy way to interpret RGB. So that’s how a computer understands a picture using 3 8-bit binary codes for each pixel. Finally I hope now you know what is a pixel and how a PC understands an image.

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