why objects or humans weigh less in water buoyant force

Why We or Objects Weigh Less in Water?

why objects or humans weigh less in water buoyant force

Hey, I hope you all observed one common thing when you are in a pool. You feel like floating as if you lost weight. Similarly objects that weigh more normally weigh less in water.

Why objects or humans weigh less in water?

So here comes density and weight into picture. Mass is always constant where as weight changes based on the density of the area you are in. Water density is more than air. The more the density the more upward thrust happens against gravitation.

Well, let me explain this with one example place an object in a glass of water. This object moves some amount of water away causing displacement and also water level slightly increases. Now try to push the object with your fingers while doing so you have to apply some force.  You may feel something is pushing the object up.  Here if object density is more then it sinks.

Water vs Air Density


This upward force is called buoyancy force discovered by Archimedes. While the gravity is pulling down buoyancy pushes it up.  This buoyant force is equal to the amount of water displacement occurred due to that object. So because of this slight anti-gravitational force  we feel like floating and weigh less in water. If water density is more than object density, it floats else it sinks.

Okay, next time when you are in pool you will know that buoyant force is making you float. If you find this article helpful please subscribe to our infotainment YouTube channel for informative videos.


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