Neuralink Neural Lace Explained

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Neuralink Neural Lace

Hey Seeker, welcome to Info Recap. If you watched the movie The Matrix, Neo masters KungFu just like that by downloading the data from PC using Brain Computer Interface. Also in our transhuman technologies video we talked about installing a chip in humans brain so that we can directly communicate with each other and download the data from a central … Read More

Mandela Effect – What You Don’t Know?

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Nelson Mandela

Hey Seeker, welcome to Info Recap. Before I jump into the topic I’m gonna show you some pics. Just try to identify the correct one and let me know in the comments section. I will reveal the details as you read through this article. You remember famous chocolate kitkat right, so which one is the right logo the one with … Read More

Can We Travel at the Speed of Light?

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travel at the speed of light

Whether we are talking about travelling in between the cities or traveling to space, we are actually talking about speed relative to time. According to Einstein, laws of physics will be same in all frames of reference moving at constant velocity and the light speed is always constant. Now the question is, can we travel at light speed? Imagine you … Read More

Time Travel – Theories and Possibilities

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time travel

I wish I had a backspace button to my life so that I can go to my past and fix some incidents or issues or at least a fast forward button so that I can see how my future looks like! I guess everyone of us think like this at least once in our lifetime. So the question here is, … Read More

Transhumanism – Transhuman Technologies Explained

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Imagine if you can see through darkness just like animals. Imagine if you can walk thousands of miles without feeling tired. Imagine if you can access every electronic device without touching. Imagine if you can access all the information on the planet. Imagine you being a superhuman. Welcome to the world of Transhumanism. We are hyper-connected, super-intelligent and super healthy. … Read More

Could Humans Live on Mars?

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could humans live on mars

As Stephen Petranek said, if we don’t move we will perish. Global temperatures are rising and it is expected a possible global extinction event can wipe human race on Earth. It’s high time to move to another planet in order to save mankind. So now we are looking to Mars as a backup planet for humanity. So could humans survive … Read More